Bow-tie Booths


Hello :)

Thank you for your interest in Bow-Tie Booths! My vision for the company was conceived years ago as a photography student in college. I have always had a great fascination for photobooths. I remember my first encounter with a photobooth as a child on family vacation in Myrtle Beach. I fell in love with the spontaneity, the posing and the chance to be as inventive and silly as I wanted. I remember the anticipation, waiting for the four-framed wet, shiny photo strip with a strange chemical smell to slide out of the machine. My siblings and I would fight to be the first to grab it, shrieking and laughing at the images.

I graduated from Towson University with a Bachelors degree in Art and Design/Photography. As a college student, I became interested in researching photobooths as an American pop culture icon. Andy Warhol was the first art promoter of the photobooth in the 60’s. He saw their frames as portraits that cut to the bone and were perfectly suited for graphic design. 

Bow-Tie Booths offers a whole new twist on the vintage booth with our portable, digital, high quality photo and video booth. Whether it is the frames used in Warhol’s work, or my parent’s old photo strips from the 80’s—all photobooth portraits have one thing in common. They are as intimate as they come. I have teamed up with my Mom Jill, a natural born networker to ensure Bow-Tie Booths has the perfect balance of creativity and good customer service. Allow us to add that intimate, goofy, nostalgic touch to your event. 

Contact us and let us know what you have in mind, we can help make your event be the sensation you always dreamed of. You deserve it!

Can’t wait to hear from you,