Bow-tie Booths

Kevin & Lindsay

Carly FunkComment

Saturday we brought the photobooth to Weatherly Farm (Newburg, MD) for the wedding of Lindsay and Kevin. Lindsay is an old friend of mine, so I really enjoyed being able to work her wedding :). Upon arriving at the venue we gasped- what a stunning view of the Potomac! The location of this beautiful farmhouse is so amazing that pictures just don't do it justice. The couples reception was held under an open tent where everyone could enjoy the view as they partied the night away. Upon reviewing these photobooth shots I couldn't help but to smile and laugh out loud. There are some pretty awesome group shots, selfies and the newlyweds are obviously adorable. Congrats Lindsay and Kevin! Thanks so much for having us.

Below is a slideshow of some of our favorites. View the entire album here.:

Kevin & Lindsay's Wedding Photobooth Album