Bow-tie Booths

Moe & Jerrica

Carly FunkComment

I loved having the photobooth at Moe & Jerrica's wedding reception this past Saturday :). Their Bowles Farm reception was an especially great time and I think the photobooth pictures serve as proof. I totally enjoyed this bunch! The photos are entertaining from beginning to end and I found myself laughing out loud when reviewing the shots. My favorite photobooth moment of the night- the bride & groom's 3-year-old daughter/flower girl, Olivia randomly walking into the photobooth and when I asked her if she wanted to take a selfie, she shyly nodded her head, then proceeded to pose like a champ. So awesome. Favorite wedding moment- two very talented members of the wedding party, Sydney & Wes signing a duet for the couples first dance to an absolutely gorgeous rendition of Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up". I know that had to give everyone chills!  I also loved that they included their sweet daughter in the first dance, very touching. Congrats to Moe & Jerrica and thank you so much for having us!

Below is a slideshow of some of our favorites. View the entire album here.:

Moe & Jerrica's Wedding Photobooth Album