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Erin & Mike

Carly FunkComment

Last Friday I was glad to bring the photobooth to The Bolger Center (Potomac, MD) for the wedding reception of my childhood next door neighbor, Mike and his wife Erin. The reception was held at the center's historical Stained Glass Hall, which was once the original chapel, lined with beautiful stained glass windows and an elegant arched ceiling. Erin is an art teacher and her creativity and attention to detail really showed in the way the reception was decorated. I loved that as a guestbook, she had everyone make their own creations on mini canvases with colorful sharpies- how unique! Not only did the reception have great decor, it was also a fun loving atmosphere where everyone was on the dance floor sporting glow in the dark accessories and also in and out of the photobooth all night long. Mike was an excellent and gracious host! He checked in on all the vendors to see if we got our meals and thanked everyone. Congrats to the awesome couple. To the Padgetts- thanks for having us :).

Below is a slideshow of some of our favorites. View the entire album here.:

Erin & Mike's Wedding Photobooth Album