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Chelsea & Paul

Carly FunkComment

Yesterday we hauled the photobooth to Adelphi Mill (Adelphi, MD) for the Halloween-themed wedding reception of Chelsea and Paul. This historic 18th century mill still retains many of its original millworks. This stone venue has a very rustic and charmingly spooky feel to it. It was a beyond perfect space for the couple's theme! There was plenty of candy, glow sticks, glitter covered skulls and lots of other Halloween decor on display. One thing I loved about this wedding was that the guests brought carved pumpkins and lined them on the mill's front patio. At the end of the night the bride announced the winner of the contest- a pug pumpkin, since the couple has a beloved pug pup. Another thing that was awesome was that Chelsea sang a cappella to Paul, so beautiful! As a Halloween lover myself I especially enjoyed being a part of their night and loved that the photobooth fit in wonderfully with their theme. For some more pics and a short video clip from the night- check out bow-tie's Instagram account. Below is a slideshow of some of our favorites, view the rest here.:

Chelsea & Paul's Wedding Photobooth Album